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Every second Danish household receives physical advertisements and free newspapers in the mail. In 2021, 2,757,000 households is registered in Denmark of which only 34% say unsubscribes from physical advertising. We therefore have approx. 1,819,600 households that receive physical advertisements in Denmark according to DST.

The CO2 emissions for physical advertising correspond to approximately 140 kg. for the average household. According to epa.gov, this means that Danes emit 254,747 tonnes of CO2 per year on the basis of the production of physical advertisements. If we compare this to something tangible, it is equivalent to the fuel usage of 55,400 cars every year.

Such comparisons can be thought-provoking, as dealing with physical advertising for many seems like a daily burden, as most end up throwing the paper directly in the trash. With the advancement of digitalisation, physical advertisements are virtually unnecessary, especially in the Western society where most people have access to the internet.

At Climaider, we therefore believe that the removal of physical advertising is a relatively low-hanging fruit in terms of mitigating the climate challenges. On Climaider's app, we therefore have a quick challenge, where you can quiz and learn more about physical advertisements, as well as quickly, easily and automatically unsubscribe from them.


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