What is Climaider?

A team of climate enthusiasts 

Climaider is for everyone who wants to take climate action and contribute towards a more sustainable future. 

We started Climaider because we felt helpless about the effects of climate change. Because what can you do as an individual to help combat climate change? We want to make it easy for you. 

Together, we finance carbon-reducing projects around the world. As a member of Climaider, it is easy to make a big difference. With our all-in-one platform, we give our members a custom-tailored carbon footprint reduction plan, all while their contributions go towards some of the best climate projects around the world.

The fight against global warming

What can we do?

As an individual, doing something about the state of the world may seem daunting. But together we can accomplish great things. When thousands of people around the world push for change, the world can change dramatically.

The global development is being pushed in a more sustainable direction, and many necessary climate projects around the world are suddenly made possible.

All this, because of community – because when thousands of people join forces, suddenly it is possible to make an avalanche of change.

Our values


We believe that many small strokes can fell great oaks. If we all take responsibility, we can truly promote sustainability.


Climaider exists for the sake of the globe and not for us to become wealthy. That is why we have a policy of financial transparency.


We hope to promote sustainability by inspiring and not by being a raised index finger.