How your money is spent

Financial Transparency

Climaider is a place for people who wants to contribute to a more sustainable future. That why we depend on our members. In fact, we cannot exist without our members at all. Therefore, your trust in us is paramount, and transparency is at the core of what we do.

We strive towards having the biggest impact possible, being the reason why we allocate as much as we to the carbon-reducing projects. The same is true for the expansion and development of Climaider, which is why we also have expenses associated with marketing and operation.

77,5% for carbon-reducing projects

The vast majority of your money is being spent on buying carbon credits from the selected projects. We actually offset your emissions 150%. We do this for two reasons: We do not just want to balance out your CO2 emissions. We want to do more than that. At the same time, there is a small uncertainty associated with these projects, being the reason why most experts recommend that you offset 25% more than necessary. We want to be 150% sure that your money is offsetting your emissions, and therefore we offset you 150%.

There is also a small buffer within the calculation. It prevents us from having to raise your membership fee due to possible price changes from the projects. If we have a surplus from this buffer at the end of the year, we use the money for buying additional credits. In doing so, we secure ourselves, and you, from uncomfortable price changes without compromising our common goal; to reduce CO2 emissions.

22,5% for marketing and operation

The vast majority of the last 22,5% goes to marketing. As a small organization, we can make a small difference, but as a large organization, we can make a big difference.

Spreading the word about us too as many people as possible is an important part of our goal. Therefore, as a member, you pay 77,5% to offset your emissions and 22,5% to spread the word.

At first glance, 22,5% may look like a lot, but if we compare that to other organizations that are doing something similar, it is actually much lower than average. We cut out a significant amount of the usual fees by purchasing carbon credits directly from the projects. That is our guarantee that we make the biggest impact possible.



At the moment, all salaries are paid by grant money and are distributed as follows:

Oliver: DKK 10.000 / month
Oskar: DKK 10.000 / month
Victor: DKK 10.000 / month
Sander: DKK 10.000 / month
Gustav: DKK 11.366,25 / month
Nikolaj: DKK 11.366,25 / month
Joachim: DKK 6.495 / month

As mentioned earlier, we strive for maximum transparency, so if there are any parts that you have doubts about or just have a question, you are always welcome to contact us.