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How much of my money goes into climate projects?

77,5% of your money goes to our climate projects and 22,5% is spent on operation and marketing.

We strive for maximum transparency. Please contact us if you have any doubts or questions. All salaries are paid by funds money and are distributed as follows:

Oliver: 20.000 DKK / month
Oskar: 20.000 DKK / month
Joachim: 20.000 DKK / month
Sander: 20.000 DKK / month
Frederik: 20.000 DKK / month

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Why use Climaider?

Climaider is for anyone who wants to take climate action and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

We started Climaider because we felt helpless when faced with the effects of climate change. Really, what can you do as an individual to help combat climate change? We want to show you exactly how you can help.

As a member of Climaider, you will be financing carbon-reducing projects around the world, removing just as much carbon as you emit. With our all-in-one platform, we give our members a custom-tailored carbon footprint reduction plan, all while their contributions go towards some of the best climate projects around the world.

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How does it work?

At Climaider, we offset your emissions by buying carbon credits from climate projects in developing countries. One carbon credit amounts to the removal of 1 ton of carbon. This means that if we buy one carbon credit, we remove one ton of carbon.

As you are offsetting your emissions, you can use our app to reduce your footprint by completing our challeges.

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How can I be sure that it works?

Our job at Climaider is to select projects that are verified by the strictest industry standards (e.g. Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard), making sure that your money removes as much carbon as you pay for. You can read more about our projects here.

Every time we buy carbon credits from carbon-reducing projects, we publish the receipts on our project pages. That’s how you know where your money is being spent.

Furthermore, all financial activities are audited by KPMG and our financial reports for our carbon projects are available here.

Isn't it just indulgence?

Not if you ask us. The only thing the Climaider app is about is changing your own habits so that you also emit less CO2.

So there is nothing wrong with just buying a membership and then you have done everything you need for the climate. You buy a membership because it is one of the most effective things you can do for the climate and then of course you keep up with all the other initiatives.

Research also suggests that those who offset their emissions are also the ones who cut back most on their personal CO2 emissions.

Is Climaider a charity?

No, Climaider is not a charity. You might think, “How come?”. We want to mitigate global warming as much, and as quickly, as possible. After heaps of internal discussions and external advice, we’ve come to the conclusion that external investments and incentivising team members are necessary. Something that cannot be done as a charity.

Even though we’re a company, we believe in financial transparency (our service cuts, salaries, and so on...).

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Why are the projects not in Denmark?

Because one can make a much bigger difference for the same amount of money, elsewhere in the world.

Global warming is a global problem, so whether you remove CO2 in Denmark or in Africa may not matter. But there are just far more low-hanging fruit to pick in poorer places in the world. For example, the current project is about helping some farmers who are so poor that they still cook over an open fire .. It will be damn hard to find someone in Denmark who still cooks over an open fire. You could buy yourself a new stove that saved a few% power compared to your old stove, but it does not do as much for the climate as a stove in Sichuan that saves hundreds of kilos of coal a year.

Why is there a project that removes CO2 and one that plants trees?

This is because the first project (the one with the biogas tanks) is the one that officially removes CO2. So if you want to remove as much CO2 as you emit, then it happens through that project. It is checked and verified in accordance with all the current international standards and therefore they can also be officially called "climate compensation" and it is fairly easy to check and verify - you catch some gas and burn it off. When it is burned off, it is gone and you can not really dispute that.

The tree planting project, on the other hand, does not count as offsetting at all. Of course, it absorbs a lot of CO2, but Climaider does not count it. This is because IF something were to happen to the forest - a natural disaster, for example, they still guarantee that you have removed all the CO2 you needed, through the other project.
So the trees are just a bonus and something we do because forests and trees are important to the climate - especially mangrove trees like the ones they plant in Madagascar.

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