Kaffe Lars


Our coffee roastery has been roasting delicious coffee since 1912. The old recipes have been passed on through generations, and new ones have been added as coffee has evolved.

We roast our coffee based on love and care for you, your customers, and your staff.

The raw materials are bought directly at home with care for quality and sustainability - and to make a difference for the coffee farmers who have hand-picked every single berry.  We typically buy from the high-lying areas. Here the quality is generally higher, as the coffee bushes here grow under ideal conditions.

With us, the focus is on a good coffee experience. Our customers must have experience with extra pampering every time they enjoy a cup of coffee. We create good, stable coffee solutions, with our customers' needs at the center. With us, exquisite ingredients, knowledge of coffee, as well as over 100 years of experience with roasting help to create our brand. With the youth's energy, devilishness, and the old man's experience, Kaffe Lars has been created.

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200% carbon offset

On behalf of Kaffe Lars, Climaider offset what equals a minimum two times the total emissions from selected coffees including harvesting and processing, transportation, roasting, packaging, and distribution. Due to this, the coffee from Kaffe Lars becomes climate positive, which will also be marked by a label on the bags.

The offsetting was realized  through measurable carbon reductions verified by the Verified Carbon Standard and the Gold Level Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance. Kaffe Lars has contributed to planting a new forest in Kenya and protecting the endangered forests in Zimbabwe.

In addition to removing and avoiding carbon in the atmosphere, the projects also promote equality, education and the fight against HIV/AIDS in local areas and protect several endangered animal species.

Through these projects, Kaffe Lars contributes to the UN’s SDG no. 13: Climate Action.

Registration date:
August 30, 2019
Expiration date:
August 30, 2021

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