Formfaktor ApS is the company behind GRAPHISOFT Center Denmark. Formfaktor is 100% owned by Thomas Graabæk and has from 01.01.2020 licensed to use the brand GRAPHISOFT as a Danish distributor of GRAPHISOFT's products.

The starting point with Formfaktor is to facilitate better design processes within construction and landscape. This through GRAPHISOFT's products, by building bridges to other software platforms, by promoting open standards, and through advice on how to optimize design processes and competition teams through BIM and parametric design.

At the same time, it has been a goal to build an untraditional sales organization, which is based on service and which puts the customer's needs and projects at the center. In addition, it is desirable to think about the environment and sustainability in the company's daily life, both in connection with everyday habits in the office and in advising on sustainable design to customers and partners.

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200% caron offset

The carbon footprint of Formfaktor has been offset 200% by Climaider.

The offsetting happened through measurable carbon reductions verified by the strictest industry standards. Formfaktor supports our portfolio of hand-picked high confidence projects.

On top of the carbon offsetting Formfaktor has also plantet 712 trees in the Climaider forest in Madagascar.

Through these projects, Formfaktor contributes to the UN’s SDG no. 13: Climate Action.

Registration date:
November 1, 2020
Expiration date:
November 1, 2021

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