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Employee: 100% carbon offset

The carbon footprint of éQuilibré has been offset 200% by Climaider.

The offsetting happened through measurable carbon reductions verified by the strictest industry standards. éQuilibré supports our portfolio of hand-picked high confidence projects.

On top of the carbon offsetting éQuilibré has also planted 150 trees in the Climaider forest in Madagascar.

Through these projects, éQuilibré contributes to the UN’s SDG no. 13: Climate Action.



After 18 years in the skincare industry as a cosmetologist, educator, and censor for cosmetology students, and with a great passion for effective products hidden in the soul, Silky Face Oil was created.

My strength is my inner analyst and perfectionist who helps to ensure that every option is thought through and tested at all levels so that it thus lives up to my strict requirements for quality and efficiency.

There has been no compromise in any place. Everything at Silky Face Oil has been prepared with great passion and with the desire to make a luxurious, effective, and natural product with only the best ingredients.

I'm very proud of Silky Face Oil, and I hope you enjoy Silky Face Oil as much as I do, and now, many others do.

éQuilibré is French and means "Balance". The goal of Silky Face Oil is to create a skin that is in balance.

Registration date:
November 5, 2020
Expiration date:
November 5, 2021

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