Above Borders


Above Borders promotes and creates meetings, dialogue, and understanding between people around the world. People who, under normal circumstances, would never meet. We are striving for a world where everyone has the best conditions to understand and accommodate one another. A world where there is more room for diversity and different ways of life and a greater understanding of different norms and opinions. We believe that unique encounters between people around the world can contribute to this.

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100% carbon offset

The carbon footprint of Above Borders’ trip to the Faraoe Islands is offset 100%. The offsetting includes seven travellers from Copenhagen to Tórshavn, five from Tórshavn to Copenhagen and two from Tórshavn to Billund.

The offsetting has happened through measurable carbon reductions, verified by the strictest industry standards. Above Borders supports our portfolio of hand-picked high-quality projects.

In addition to offsetting, Above Borders is also planting trees in the Climaider forest in Madagascar.

Through these projects, Above Borders contributes to the UN’s SDG no. 13, Climate Action, as well as several other SDGs. This certificate was issued on December 11, 2020.

Registration date:
November 10, 2020
Expiration date:
November 10, 2030

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