How a membership helps combat climate change

As a member of Climaider, your money is spent on two climate-friendly initiates: 

1. Offsetting

Through your membership, you remove as much carbon as you emit each month.

This is done by financing our portfolio of carbon-reducing climate projects, all verified by the strictest standards.

Read more about our climate projects here.

2. Planting trees

In addition to offsetting, you also plant 15 trees for every ton of carbon you offset.

This is done through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Project.

Read more about the additional reforestation here.


How it works


Carbon offsetting is the action of reducing greenhouse gases one place in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.

At Climaider, we offset your emissions by buying carbon credits from climate projects in the developing countries. One carbon credit is the equivalence of the removal of 1 tonne of carbon.

This means that if we buy one carbon credit, we remove one ton of carbon. In addition to offsetting your carbon footprint, we also plant 15 trees on your behalf every time you offset a ton of carbon through your membership.

How carbon credits are generated:

Climate projects 

A carbon credit is generated by a project that’s removing or preventing greenhouses gases from entering the atmosphere. Such a project can, for example, be farmers who plant a forest that absorbs carbon from the atmosphere.

By having experts calculating how many tons of carbon the forest absorbs, the farmers can then sell carbon credits matching the carbon-absorbing effect of the forest.

For example, let’s say that the forest absorbs 10 tons of carbon, then the farmers can sell 10 carbon credits. 

Our projects


Why use Climaider?

Credits from certified and trustworthy projects

As an individual, it can be quite difficult to find projects that sell carbon credits in small batches matching a single person’s emissions. Navigating the market for carbon credits can also be a challenge due to expensive resellers and non-certified projects.

Our job at Climaider is to select projects that are verified by the most strict industry standards (e.g. Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard).

By gathering our member’s money, we are able to buy big bulks of credits directly from the projects, cutting out expensive middlemen. This also enables us to follow the money from you, as a member, to the projects, ensuring that your membership is removing as much carbon as we promise.

Our portfolio of carbon-reducing climate projects

Every month, we feature a project your money has financed.

Featured in:


Our projects are verified by the strictest industry standard; WWF’s Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard and our own internal criteria. 

Uffe Elbæk, MP

"I'm a member and I pay a monthly subscription, supporting a greener future - and I hope you also have the time and money to join"

Uffe Elbæk, MP
Josefine Ottesen, Writer

"I offset my carbon emissions because it is a very easy way to act, which is also measurable when going through the right channels."

Josefine Ottesen, Writer