Offset your website

When you offset your emissions through Climaider, you receive digital stickers for your website a backlink to your website here.

Understand how we calculate the carbon emissions from your website below.

How it works

The membership includes a sticker for your website, a certification and a backlink from Climaider. The membership is valid for one year.

To estimate the CO2 footprint of a website we have to make some estimations. We start by finding the data usage of a website. Taking Climaider as an example, we use a total of 1.7 megabytes on a load of our frontpage. This is of course not the only data transferred in a normal visit.

You click around the page and explore! We take a value of ten clicks and arrive at a whopping 17 megabytes. Now, combining estimates for total operating costs of the internet with estimates of the total amount of data transferred, we get a figure of 1.8 kWh/GB. Combining this number with an international estimate for the CO2e released by providing one kilowatt of power, 475 grams of CO2 equivalent for a kilowatt-hour, we arrive at a final number: 8.5 grams of CO2e for 1 megabyte of data usage. Or, 145 grams of CO2 per visit to your webpage!

By providing your monthly visitors, we can calculate the costs of CO2 offsetting your website!

Uffe Elbæk, MP

"I'm a member and I pay a monthly subscription, supporting a greener future - and I hope you also have the time and money to join"

Uffe Elbæk, MP
Josefine Ottesen, Writer

"I offset my carbon emissions because it is a very easy way to act, which is also measurable when going through the right channels."

Josefine Ottesen, Writer

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