Want your company to be a Climaider?

Do you want to offset your company? Or do you have a good idea for a collaboration? We make customizable memberships for all kind of businesses. We can help your company with carbon offsetting, planting trees etc.

Please don’t hesitate if your have any questions. Fill out the contact box and we will return as soon as possible.

Make your company a part of a sustainable future

As a member, you receive a certificate (png, pdf), digital stickers for your website or products and a backlink to your website.

You can see our current Climiader for Businesses members here

Our values


We believe that many small strokes can fell great oaks. If we all take responsibility, we can truly promote sustainability.


Climaider exists for the sake of the globe and not for the money. That is why we have a policy of financial transparency.


We hope to promote sustainability by inspiring and not by being a raised index finger.

Uffe Elbæk, MP

"I'm a member and I pay a monthly subscription, supporting a greener future - and I hope you also have the time and money to join"

Uffe Elbæk, MP
Josefine Ottesen, Writer

"I offset my carbon emissions because it is a very easy way to act, which is also measurable when going through the right channels."

Josefine Ottesen, Writer

Brands that work with Climaider