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How to save energy during cooking

Choose the right pots
When using the hob to cook vegetables or similar, it is important that the pan is not unstable and is stuck on the hob. In addition, it is also important that you choose a pot that fits the amount of food you cook.

You should also refrain from using pots smaller than the size of the hob. It may actually take up to 25 more energy to heat the pan up.

It requires a lot of energy and low steam. Therefore, it is a good idea to use a lid for the pan, so the heat does not escape from the pan.

Clean the hood
Another simple tip is to clean the hood a little more often, preferably once a month. Huge grease and dirt accumulate in the hood enormously quickly, making it run at a higher level, which both requires more power, but also makes more noise.

Heat food residues in the microwave oven
As I said, it takes a lot of energy to heat up both the hob and the pan, so it is therefore much more energy efficient to heat your food scraps in the microwave.

Boil water with the kettle
It is more efficient to heat water in the kettle, rather than in a pan on the stove, as it is basically only the water that is heated in the kettle, whereas the entire pan and hob also need to be heated up on the stove.

However, it is not necessarily more effective to make hot water in the kettle first, if you still pour it into the pan, if you need to boil eggs, for example. It may be quicker to do it this way, but then you warm up both.

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