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Help us plant 500.000 trees

We founded Climaider to make as big a difference as possible in the climate crisis. The money you members give each month makes a huge difference in the lives of some very poor people and enables climate projects that put in place where it is most effective.
To make a big difference, we need to be a big organization. That's why we spend a lot of money recruiting new members.

When we spend DKK 1 on marketing, we get an average of DKK 4. back that can be spent on the climate in the form of new members.
It works in the way that we make some small videos or the like that explain what Climaider is all about. Those videos we pay Facebook in particular to show to people who are interested in the climate. Some of them sign up because of the commercials, and in that way we grow at a steady pace.
That way, it's a good idea to spend some money on advertising, although one might immediately think that it would be smarter just to give all the money directly to the climate projects.

Even though in the long run it gives more money to the climate projects to spend the money on advertising, that is not what we are passionate about. We are passionate about supporting some important projects and making a difference for the climate - not about putting money in Facebook's pockets.

We are so lucky that we have a lot of lovely members who spread the word about Climaider, and in that way we grow in the good old fashioned way from mouth to mouth.
When we did a survey last year, almost everyone answered that they actively told about Climaider to friends, family and acquaintances, just as more than 40% of you answered that you yourself had heard about Climaider in that way.

It really warms our hearts here in Climaider to find out that kind, thank you!

Many of you have similarly approached and asked if you could not get any help to get your friends on board. That is why we have made this campaign.

Now you can start your own forest! All it takes is that you come up with a name for the forest, eg "Nielsen's family forest", and then you can invite friends, family and acquaintances to join Climaider and your forest. Every time someone becomes a member of your forest, you have acquired a new member - and then we do not have to spend money on marketing. Therefore, we would like to take that money and spend it on planting 100 trees in your forest instead.
So for every member you get in the forest, we plant 100 trees in your common forest for the money that would otherwise go to Facebook advertising. A kind of "take from the rich and give to the climate" :-)

The trees we plant in the Climaider forest in Madagascar together with the trees your membership finances.

Most of us probably know some who go up in the climate but are not members yet. These are the ones we need to grab! The mother, friend, colleague or acquaintance who would probably like to help create green change in places where people cannot afford it themselves, but who have not just signed up. Maybe it's just exactly 100 "free" trees (and the chance to get in the woods with you) that they are missing?

I know well that Climaider can be hard to explain sometimes. If everyone understood how incredibly big a difference they can make for really little money, then I think we would have 1000 times as many members. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and it is of course our fault that we have not been able to explain it better and easier.
If you also occasionally have a little trouble explaining exactly why it is so smart, then we have gathered some help to explain it on our "toolkit" page.

Your friends and acquaintances who are already members can also be in your forest. They do not become new members, so we can not plant bonus trees for them, but in return you can be together to grow a huge forest - they can invite, you can invite and the forest grows bigger. We also hope that that you think it's nice to share a forest with those you like :-)

It is completely non-binding and free to make a forest. It only takes 1 minute of your time, so I really hope you feel like joining.

And no matter what, thank you so much for your help and support!

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