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Become an ambassador

Do you want to help us plant half a million trees? In 2020, we planted a total of over 300,000 trees. Now we are only 200,000 trees to reach a huge milestone: 500,000 trees 🌱

We believe we can reach the goal and plant 200,000 trees in just one month. But it requires that we work together - and we need your help. 

You can help us without costing you a penny. Right now, we're using most of our administration cut to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. It is a great way to get more members and make an even bigger difference to the climate. 

This means that we need to pay a lot of money to Facebook to acquire new members. But is that necessary? To be honest, we would much rather spend the money on climate projects. This is possible but only with your help. If you help us spread the word, then we can spend the money on planting trees, instead of giving them to Facebook.

Become an ambassador and help planting trees
You can become an ambassador by creating and naming your own forest on our website. Your forest will have its very own page on climaider.com, which you can share widely. You can share the forest with friends, family, or classmates and invite them to join.

And now comes the fun part
Every time someone joins your forest by signing up for a membership on your forest page, you can the new member plant 50 trees each for free. That way, we can give more to the climate, instead of spending money on ads.

All you have to do is create your forest on this page. It takes two seconds to create a forest, and you can then start planting trees for free by helping us get more members.

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