you've now created a forest. what's next?

All you have to do now is to plant some trees.
You do this by inviting your friends to join your forest.

Who do you invite?

Most have a mother, a friend, or a colleague who cares about the climate. Maybe they would like to finance climate projects in the places in the world where they make the biggest difference? These are the people you can contact! You can also just post on your social media. This can be on your study group's page, your family's page, or on your profile.

So what do you tell them?

We've written a short text that you can use. Copy the text and use it how you want.

🌱 Do you want to plant a forest with me? 🌱

I have created my own forest through Climaider and I would like you to be a member of it. Through a Climaider membership, I help support climate projects where I get the biggest difference for the money.

The projects help some of the world's poorest, and they are so effective because they put in place where the lowest hanging fruits are. For example, one of the projects helps some people who are so poor that they still cook over an open fire. There, for little money, you can save hundreds of kilos of coal every year by giving them a stove. You just can not do that kind of thing in Denmark - for good luck finding someone who is still so poor that they do not have a stove.

Therefore, I can actually remove as much CO2 as a normal Dane emits in a whole month (!), For only DKK 85 and the projects are controlled according to the strictest standards.

Additional to supporting the climate projects, there is also an app that helps cut down on one’s own emissions. Then you help both others and yourself.

Right now, Climaider are doing a campaign where they plant 100 trees as a bonus if you sign up in a forest. I have started a forest and hope you feel like joining! 💚

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certificates for sharing

We've made some certificates you can use when you post on SoMe. Download by clicking on the images.

But what do you then answer?

What projects do you support then?

Isn't it just indulgence?

Why are the projects not in Denmark?

Can you trust that it works?

Why do they not just always use the money on planting trees instead of on advertisements?

Why is there both a project that removes CO2 and one that plants trees?

ready to share your forest?

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